Direct Delivery Services and Courier Direct Messenger

Our express delivery services option – Direct Delivery Courier offers door-to-door service. When timely arrival of your parcel is urgent, Best Courier Direct Messenger Service is the best choice. If your parcel doesn’t have to arrive quite that fast, we also offer Same Day Courier Service, Rush Messenger Service and our After Hours Messenger Service.



Your documents don’t have time to wait while your courier makes another stop; that survey has to arrive in the mortgage office right away or the deal is off. With Same Day Courier Direct Messenger Service you can start celebrating your closing now.



When you forgot your medicine and need it now, your car is in the shop and the local parts store doesn’t have the part, the office has worked to the last minute preparing that bid and they need it delivered now before the deadline, our courier direct express delivery services put everything else aside to focus on your parcel. Our business and reputation is based on fulfilling your messenger needs.


Why should I choose Best Courier Direct Messenger Service?

  • Your documents or parcels absolutely must arrive in the shortest possible time.

  • You can't afford to have your courier make other stops along the way. We pick up your parcel and bring it straight to its destination.

  • You need your parcel to arrive by a specific deadline (actual delivery times vary depending on the distance your parcel has to travel. For more information about the ETA of your parcel, give us a call at (847) 816-6229.

  • Your parcel needs to travel several states and the other messenger service doesn’t go that far.


Benefits of choosing Best Courier Messenger Service:

  • Our fleet of vehicles includes cars, vans and dock-high box trucks. Our couriers are prepared to handle your delivery and have it there on time.

  • Our couriers are courteous, uniformed and proudly display their Best Courier ID Badge at all times.

Hear what people are saying about Best Courier & Delivery Service

"We have been using Best for almost 7 years. And the one thing that stands out is they always come through for us. We have many different types of loads from multiple pallets to small boxes to fragile equipment and they always have the right vehicle, whether it is a car, sprinter van, or box truck. Often times we need moves at the last minute and that is never a problem. What really sets them apart is their drivers, they will go above and beyond to make sure that the load is delivered. And I can’t say enough about Best’s customer service. In our 67 years of doing business, they have been one of our most reliable vendors and are a pleasure to work with. "
A.J. Levin, Vice President
Leedal, Inc.

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