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Your crew is working on the 14th floor. They don't have time to come down for a delivery and they don't have to. Best Courier offers inside delivery. Unlike other delivery companies, our parcel couriers will take your freight or packages wherever you ask us to take it.


From small to large parcel delivery, we offer a full choice of delivery options to meet your requirements, including same day Parcel Delivery, Rush Delivery, Hot Shot Delivery and After Hours Delivery. Our Hot Shot Delivery means there are no other stops on the way - we go straight from origin to destination. Our After Hours Delivery Service means we can deliver your package any time of the day or night.


With inside delivery, neither you nor your staff have to drop what you're doing when the Best Courier delivery truck arrives; we gently handle your packages or freight for you.


Here are some other reasons you'll appreciate Best Courier Inside Delivery:

  • best-courier-chicago-same-day-deliveryOther No-Touch delivery companies are afraid to get their hands dirty. Our professional couriers and truck drivers are ready to handle any job, big or small.

  • When possible, we will take your pallets where they need to go. If not, our drivers will hand load the parcels onto two-wheel hand carts or four-wheel carts and deliver them to the appropriate location.

  • We have a full fleet of delivery vehicles, including cars, vans and dock-high straight-box trucks.

  • Our largest straight trucks can hold as many as 12 pallets.

  • Our dispatchers, truck drivers and couriers are available 24/7.


When you need a delivery or messenger services, Best Courier is the best choice:

  • Our commitment to on-time delivery has never wavered.

  • Our uniformed couriers prominently display their company ID Badge and are professional and courteous at all times.

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"When we are in a pinch and need something delivered quickly, we know we can count on Best to provide us timely, safe delivery of our product. We have to make shipments throughout the entire Midwest at all hours and they consistently come through for us.” "
Gary Stoodley, Shipping Supervisor
Kalle USA

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