Daily Laboratory Pick Up & Medical Delivery Services

Our Daily Medical Delivery Service is made to order for medical facilities with a regular volume of delivery needs. Our couriers will ensure that your medical parcels arrive where they’re needed and when required.


A laboratory may serve a network of almost a dozen doctor’s offices and clinics. With the high volume of laboratory tests required by that many physicians, of course, they need a daily medical delivery service. Of course, they need Best Courier. Once a day or twice a day, our couriers are on the road for you.


We also have couriers on call around the clock for those unexpected and critical deliveries. And our couriers are OSHA trained and compliant. We also have the necessary equipment with our vehicles to handle blood borne pathogens, specimen samples and other critical medical parcels.


Here are additional reasons to choose Best Courier for your Daily Medical Delivery Services:

  • best-courier-chicago-hospital-emergency-deliveryOur uniformed couriers prominently display their ID Badge and are professional and courteous at all times.

  • We provide inside delivery. Our couriers see to it that your parcel is delivered where it needs to go, on the third floor, on the basement or anywhere else in your building.

  • When you expect a fast turnaround on a lab workup, our couriers will standby to deliver your parcel to your next location.


Here are some other benefits of choosing Best Courier Delivery Service

  • We have a full fleet of delivery vehicles. That means we have a vehicle to meet your specific needs, including cars, vans and dock-high straight-box trucks.

  • We also offer Sealed Truck Delivery for those times when the security or confidentiality of your parcel or package is essential.

  • Our couriers are OSHA Compliant.

Hear what people are saying about Best Courier & Delivery Service

"Best Courier is the definition of dependability. It is wonderful having such easy access to get quotes from Jodi, Debbie and Karen. Most importantly, Best Courier has very fair and competitive rates. In the years we have been doing business they have grown to being our #1 carrier for all small LTL local freight. Great dependable drivers and talented dispatchers too! Great people to do business with!”"
Adam Wirtz

RJW Transport, Inc.

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