OSHA Standards and HIPAA Compliant Medical Delivery

When you need someone to transport a delicate medical parcel, you need a delivery service that is up to the task. At Best Courier, our couriers are OSHA trained and compliant for safely delivering bloodborne pathogens, specimens and other critical medical parcels. To ensure that your parcel arrives in time, we offer same day Standard Delivery Service, Rush Delivery Service, Direct Delivery Service and After Hours Delivery Service.


They are not going to draw blood from the patient until our courier calls. And our courier won't call until he's five minutes away. The blood sample that goes for testing has to be that fresh. Good thing they called Best Courier; our couriers are OSHA certified and compliant for all types of medical delivery. And, with our on-time record, the hospital and patient won't have long to wait.


Our vehicles are equipped with the hard coolers and other equipment necessary to safely transport and deliver your medical parcel. Above all, Best Courier has an established record for getting your parcel there on time and in good condition.


Other reasons the OSHA safety training and compliance of our couriers makes Best Courier the best choice include:

  • best-courier-chicago-osha-compliant-medical-deliveryOur uniformed professional couriers prominently display their ID Badge and are courteous at all times.

  • Our After Service Delivery Service means that, whenever you require an OSHA trained and compliant courier, we have one available.

  • Our couriers bring your parcel inside and ensure that it is in the correct hands.

  • We also deliver confidential medical records confidentially.

  • When time is critical and your medical parcel needs to go to more than one facility, our couriers can wait until your medical parcel is ready.


When you need a reliable and fast delivery service for your other delivery needs, Best Courier is the best choice:

  • We provide Medical Parcel Messenger Service and work with most doctors office, labs and hospitals in the area.

  • Our courier deliveries are all OSHA compliant

  • We have 29 years providing the best delivery service in the Midwest.

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"For over 14 years Best Courier has been a reliable, efficient cost effective courier service that has provided excellent and professional delivery service to our customers. There quick response time along with their professional appearance of employees and vehicles are a great value to our company."
Bill Borshell, Operations and Quality Control Manager
Sherlock Systems

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