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What is a Delivery Courier?

Posted by Karen Belk

To understand “What is a Delivery Courier,” requires a look back and a look ahead.  From the Greek runners of Marathon to the Pony Express Riders of the Wild West to the modern courier service in urban and rural settings, couriers have ensured that messages and parcels are delivered in the shortest possible time. When someone asks for a courier definition, or what is a courier service, the answer always reflects the speed involved. For instance, a mailman only fits the courier definition in the broadest sense – he or she does carry messages. 
The postal service would like to proclaim that, when it comes to the question of what is courier service, their carriers are included in that definition. But, if that were true, how do we explain the need for truly speedy courier service.
More than that, the courier definition includes a sense of reliability and dedication. Pony Express riders braved storms, bandits and, in some cases, hostile natives to ensure that the message went through. At each stop along the way, the process was streamlined so that the rider could leap from one horse, courier bag in hand, and onto a fresh mount.
The modern courier definition no longer refers to a man riding a horse, just as it no longer involves a runner on foot. But, where those early couriers strove for the quickest possible delivery based on the modes of transportation available at the time, the modern courier service also relies on the latest technology.
What is courier service? Courier service is a group of dedicated men and women, professionals all, who match modern modes of transportation to the same dedication for speed and accuracy that was exemplified at Marathon or by the riders of the Pony Express. What is courier service? For a first-hand understanding of that question, the courier definition is best answered by allowing Best Courier to show you the best that any courier service has to offer.

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