Feb 13
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Mike Kleemann

What to Look for When Selecting a Medical Courier

As a medical professional, the health and well-being of your patients is your top priority. When it comes to selecting a medical delivery and/or pick-up service, then you need to make sure they take that responsibility as seriously as you do.

The medical industry takes another level of care and consideration than the average delivery service can provide. It can be challenging, then, to find a business that understands what it takes to provide the level of service you expect for your patients.

Not sure what to look for when selecting a hospital courier? Here are the top things to keep in mind:


Medical couriers will be in and out of your patients’ homes, so making your patients feel safe and secure should be a top priority for any courier service. They should provide a level of professionalism that puts patients at ease.  

For added security, look for a business that makes sure each driver is HIPAA compliant. Also, check to see that they have undergone background checks. Each driver should wear identification that everyone can see.


Different businesses have varying levels of experience in what they can transport. The last thing you need is to learn last minute that your courier doesn’t have the equipment or expertise to make a delivery for you.

Make sure that your medical courier can accomplish everything you need. Many only deal with specific parts of medical work, such as delivering durable medical equipment. If you suddenly need someone to transport medication or a medical specimen, do you have a medical hot shot? Do they have a temperature-controlled vehicle that will keep the specimens safe?

You don’t want to have to end with multiple courier businesses and the headache of finding the right one for your needs at that moment. Instead, look for a courier that can do it all for you, such as delivering specimens, medical equipment, and supplies.

The goal of a courier is to make your life easier and any delivery secure. Ensure that the one you select can do that for you by providing all the services you need, whether as a medical, hospital courier, or lab courier.

On-Time Deliveries

When your patients need something, getting it to them on-time should be a priority. They may need medication for their pain or equipment that can help them move and be comfortable again. The medical courier you choose needs to understand the importance of on-time deliveries for you and your patients.

Your region is unique. Your patients, needs, and laws will all be different depending on where you are located. You will want a courier that understands the medical routes and weather conditions that might affect how they can best transport. Finding local courier businesses in your region is typically the best way to accomplish that.

Around-the-Clock Availability

Your patient’s needs don’t always happen 9-5 weekdays. Emergencies are typical in any medical setting, so a medical courier that can respond to these is important. They should be available for individual runs as well as route work so you can handle any urgent needs.

Check to see what hours your medical courier offers. Make sure that they are available all the time, especially on nights and weekends. If your patient needs pain medication or to be set up with medical equipment, you need someone you can rely on to make it happen for them.

Flexible Pricing

You shouldn’t pay for what you don’t need. Instead of couriers that offer flat pricing or for route work- only, look for one that offers customized pricing so that you can choose what works best for your business.

Your medical courier should take the scope of work and volume in mind when creating a price for you. For example, if you are a smaller operation, you shouldn’t have to pay the same as a hospital. They should understand your needs and price accordingly.

Find the Right Medical Courier for Your Business

Your medical courier is an extension of your business. They represent you to your patients and should take that responsibility as seriously as you do. Follow these recommendations to find a medical courier that will go the extra mile to ensure your patients receive a high level of care.

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Mike Kleemann