Court and legal filing courier

Court and Legal Filing Courier

Professional Court Couriers Providing Legal Document Delivery Service, Court Courier Services and Legal Filings Messenger Services for 29 Years

When time is of the essence and you have sensitive legal documents for court filing or for delivery to opposing counsel or clients, you need a professional courier service. With so many courthouses, offices and government buildings in the greater Chicago and Milwaukee areas, it’s important that a legal courier knows its way around the community.

For 29 years, Best Courier and Delivery Service has given lawyers and other legal professionals peace of mind by providing trustworthy, legal messenger service, court filing services, and legal document delivery services to the Chicagoland, Milwaukee & entire Midwest areas.

You too can rest assured that your all court filing services and legal courier services delivery deadlines are met confidentially, on time, and according to directions, by entrusting all your important court courier and legal delivery services to the area’s best in attorney messenger services.

When Expedience, Dependability and Guaranteed Results are a Priority, Depend on Best Courier’s Legal Messenger and Courthouse Delivery Service.

When you have sensitive legal documents and those that need to arrive within court established deadlines during courthouse hours, you need a legal courier service with a reputation and track record of dependability and guaranteed results. Whether it’s same day courthouse delivery service, legal filing services or legal messenger service to other business or legal community offices, there are many reasons to choose Best Courier and Delivery Service, including:

  • Working knowledge of all Federal and State Courts, Administrative, Government and Public Offices in Chicagoland and across the country
  • Uniformed professional couriers who are experienced in courthouse and government offices’ processes, and will ensure your legal documents are stamped, filed with the appropriate court clerks.
  • Legal messengers who are specifically trained for legal courier services, legal filing services and for handling and delivering sensitive and confidential documents
  • Many options available for the type of courthouse delivery service that fits the time constraints and other parameters each legal document service courier situation or project.
  • File-stamped copies returned to you in the shortest turnaround time possible.
  • By Outsourcing all your Legal Document Delivery Service and Court Filing Messenger Service Needs with Best Courier and Delivery Service Today, you can Concentrate on the More Important Aspects of Your Legal Practice
  • Call Best Courier and Delivery Service today at (847) 816-6229 to learn more about our attorney messenger services and court courier options including:
  • Last minute emergency and time sensitive courthouse legal filings
  • Regularly scheduled daily messenger court courier services and legal document courier services
  • Daily mail service
  • Rush court filing services or legal document courier
  • Same day standard courthouse or government office legal couriers
  • Direct legal document courier service from your office to point of delivery with guaranteed results

Don’t take a chance with your client’s sensitive legal documents. Entrust Chicagoland’s leader in professional courier services for all your court filing and legal courier services needs.