Hot shot delivery services

Hot Shot Delivery Services

Hot Shot Services ... Expedited Freight... Fast Delivery Service

Sometimes, fast just isn’t fast enough. When you need package delivery virtually at the speed of light, Best Courier is the best option in the Chicago area and Midwest. We have a hotshot carrier ready to go when you call right now.

The first phase of production is at one plant, the second phase is at another and the customer is waiting. You need a smokin’ fast delivery service to handle a project as critical as this. Best Courier Hot Shot Trucking Delivery Service is a straight shot delivery service that takes your parcel from here to there with no stops in between. Our hot shot trucking specializes in expedited freight service to get your freight or cargo to their destination on time.

You need that package we just delivered to come right back after the second phase is done? Best Courier will wait, or return at a specific time, to keep your manufacturing process moving. When you’ve promised a customer you’ll have it ready by a certain time, you can count on our promise to do our part and have it there when needed.

Here are other reasons our Hot Shot Delivery Service is the perfect fit for your time sensitive deliveries:

  • When time is of the essence, our Hot Shot Delivery Service and expedited freight service is the fastest way to go.
  • As with Dedicated Delivery, there are no additional stops between pickup of your parcel and delivery at its destination with our Hot Shot Trucking Delivery Service.

Sending a parcel, a package or a pallet? We have the right vehicle for the job. Our fleet of delivery vehicles includes hot shot trucks, cars, vans and dock-high box trucks.

Best Courier is the best choice for all your hotshot delivery needs:

  • Our couriers are TSA Certified for air freight and OSHA Compliant for medical deliveries.
  • Our couriers accompany every delivery with courtesy and a smile.